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Affordable SEO that brings you higher in search engine rankings

Search engine ranking is important to gain visitors your website

We can audit a website and explain work required to improve your google ranking, bringing you ahead of your competitors. There are a variety of techniques that can be used to achieve Search Engine Optimisation, the days of over excessive use of keywords are long gone.

Did you know that the best type of footfall to your website is organic footfall? This is where someone finds your website naturally through a search engine, without the means of paying for advertisement. Search Engine Optimisation gives you a higher page ranking meaning a higher chance to secure the visitors to your website. This in turn means raising awareness of your products and services, and of course ultimately an increase in sales.

“Users won’t always necessarily travel from page to page when performing a Google search.
They expect their result to be found easily. So it’s important to be at or near the top of results from their search query.”

How Mike Wade Web Design can help your business gain more online visitors

Behind the scenes SEO

There are many behind the scenes tweaks that can be done including expanding on existing website coding (descriptive terms for images for example), web page indexing, a robots.txt file, monitoring 404 errors, speed tests, website site redirects, URL structuring, google webmaster tool issues and xml sitemaps.

On page content SEO

Having content that is relevant to your search term including page titles and descriptions is necessary to have higher ranking. For example when it comes to a description it’s important this is relevant to the page, and has information closely related to the key words you are aiming for. Such as MOT if you are a garage.

Your website should also be like a magazine front cover, where information is easily available that’s relevant to why they are on the site – which guides and entices the viewer to continue through to your end goal.

My website is already listed on google, can you help raise its ranking position?
Yes! Our Search Engine Optimisation uses the relevant techniques, which can you bring your website higher in ranking position. And what’s more we offer a free SEO review.
Which is more effective SEO or google adwords campaigns?
Both have their own advantages, SEO is a great way to increase long term footfall and can bring you in line or ahead of your competitors more naturally. Google Ads campaigns are a great way to jump the queue rather than wait for SEO changes to be picked up by search engines. We would recommend discussing your website goal and plans with me so we can advise further.
I'm not on google, when you search for a relevant keyword, can you help?
Absolutely! This is exactly what SEO does; optimising your website for search engines and keywords is one aspect of SEO.
Can you give monthly reports?
Absolutely. Monthly reports are given showing you how your ranking has improved alongside descriptions of agreed undertaken work.

SEO - A cost effective ROI

With SEO starting at only £49 it’s easy to understand how it can cover it’s own costs when it increases visitors to your site.

We offer a free website SEO review to make sure your website is doing what it’s supposed to.

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