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Well, seeing as almost everyone wouldn’t cut their own hair before presenting themselves to others, comparatively it’s important to know the disadvantages of using a DIY website builder as opposed to a web designer or web design company when taking your own business online.


Things to consider when using a DIY website creation tool


If you don’t give out your telephone number, the chances are nobody will call you!


Taking advantage of the online market and creating a presence is incredibly important, this is where SEO (Seach Engine Optimisation) comes in. 

DIY website builders are not designed to optimise your websites for search engines, this limits your scope on potential footfall. There are many things a web designer or web design company will do behind the scenes to aid bringing your business infront of the competition in search engines that a DIY website creator simpy can’t do, which will help raise awareness of your products and services. 


We’ve all struggled to explain something when the right words havn’t come to mind


Let’s be honest, we’ve all been in this situation before.


Designing your own webste with a DIY website builder puts you in the same situation. You’re limited to what the software allows and usually have no help to bring your creation to life. Take a look at other businesses your size, and perhaps your competitors, would they be as successful with a website creation tool that limited the visual representation of their business?

It’s worth knowing also that using Web Designers and Web creation companies can prevent this and also help making sure your content fits your target audience as well as being gramatically correct.


Designed for your viewers


Did you know roughly 50% of search engine seaches are from mobile devices, and that if you don’t have a website optimised for mobile devices it will rank you lower in google searches? It’s important to have a website that is optimised for mobiles not only for this, but also for your viewers. If you have a large resolution device such as an iPad, content can be very small and users can experience difficulties trying to press links on menus which are close together.

What’s more does your website view correctly on different browsers and platforms? Not all DIY website creators are designed for all browsers.


Not just a one stop shop

Compared to DIY website creators, Web Designers and companies usually offer a comprehensive solution. Having a website isn’t just about it’s design, how about SEO to help raise awareness of your products and services, social networking integration to tap in to a market which may already be talking about you and e-mail addresses with your domain name included which make you sound that little bit more professional.

Another factor to consider is how you will appear to your audience with a URL provided by a DIY website creator such as www.websitebuilder.com/yourwebsite  – Would you repair your car at a garage if you knew the garage had scrimped on mechanics? This is how most users will feel when navigating to your site.

As your online presence grows, would you really want such a poor sounding web address?


No I don’t want a puppy!

Website DIY builders make a lot of revenue from advertisements, and they’ll make money from your website advertising whatever they’d like. Would you want unrelated products being advertised on your website? I bet I can guess your answer!


Mike Wade Web Design offers packages that include content management but above most DIY editors our packages include SEO, optimisation for browsers, domain names, e-mail address and much much more!


View our packages for more information and see how you can take the first step to digitizing your business or saving 20% on your existing website expenditure.


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